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All Indigenous languages in Canada are in danger of disappearing.
We need to act quickly to save Indigenous languages.
Indigenous languages embody our connection to
the land, traditions, and each other. 
We have a collective responsibility to
future generations to preserve and celebrate heritage.

Akiing Onji Foundation

For the Preservation & Reclamation of Indigenous Languages and Cultures

The Akiing Onji Foundation is an Indigenous-led charity that was founded to promote and preserve Indigenous languages and cultures through culturally appropriate education activities, programs, training, and workshops for the Indigenous community in Manitoba.

We are working to revive Indigenous languages while increasing public knowledge and appreciation of the culture, history, language and traditions of Indigenous Peoples.

Our programs will:

  •   Offer immersion programs that will serve to preserve and protect Indigenous languages.

  •   Offer training and education programming to increase public knowledge and appreciation of                the culture, history, language and traditions of Indigenous Peoples.

  •   Offer training and educational programming to foster positive relations between Indigenous              people and non-Indigenous people in Canada.

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Charitable Tax Receipt Provided

Akiing Onji Foundation Inc. is a
Registered Canadian Charity

Registered Charitable Number : 772077137RR0001
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Founders of Akiing Onji are Indigenous entrepreneurs Eva Wilson-Fontaine and E. J. Fontaine. 

Together they have created Anish Corporation ( a non-profit social enterprise company,

and AMIK Inc., Canada’s #1 leader in Indigenous workforce and community engagement & training services.

Additional founding board members include Sherman Kong, Mike Schwartz, Robert Maytwayashing, and Rebecca Sinclair.

The founders have demonstrated passion for giving to various Indigenous community, economic, and social development issues and causes while serving as volunteer board members on various community foundations, committees and boards.

Eva and EJ possess over 18 years of experience directly supporting the health and wellness of former students of Indian Residential Schools and their family members, and have earned the respect and acceptance of other organizations

within the Indigenous community for their innovative approach in fostering positive relations

between the Indigenous peoples of Canada and the Canadian community at large.

Through AMIK Inc., they have fostered long-term mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with many of the

largest corporations in Canada by collaborating on Indigenous workforce recruitment and retention, and

designing and implementing innovative reconciliation strategies.

We are excited to leverage our experience, skills, and networks towards promoting racial and ethnic equality

for Indigenous peoples of Canada. We know the impact that the services will have on

improving relationships and lives. This kind of collaboration has a “ripple effect” that positively heals

the relationship between the Indigenous community, the corporate sector, and the broader community.

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Contact Us

p) 204-336-0554

f) 204-336-0568

110-200 Alpine Way
Headingley MB, R4H 1C8


Charitable Tax Receipt Provided


Akiing Onji Foundation Inc. is a
Registered Canadian Charity

Registered Charitable Number : 772077137RR0001
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