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All Indigenous languages in Canada are in danger of disappearing.
We need to act quickly to save Indigenous languages.
Indigenous languages embody our connection to
the land, traditions, and each other. 
We have a collective responsibility to
future generations to preserve and celebrate heritage.

Akiing Onji Foundation

For the Preservation & Reclamation of Indigenous Languages and Cultures

Advancing in truth & reconciliation by providing a safe, inclusive and nurturing space for all people to move forward together for the common good of our future generations.


The Akiing Onji Foundation is an Indigenous-led charity that was founded to promote and preserve Indigenous languages and cultures through culturally appropriate education activities, programs, training, and workshops for the Indigenous community in Manitoba.

We are working to revive Indigenous languages while increasing public knowledge and appreciation of the culture, history, language and traditions of Indigenous Peoples.

Our programs will:

  •   Offer immersion programs that will serve to preserve and protect Indigenous languages.

  •   Offer training and education programming to increase public knowledge and appreciation of                the culture, history, languages and traditions of Indigenous Peoples.

  •   Offer training and educational programming to foster positive relations between Indigenous              people and non-Indigenous people in Canada.

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Charitable Tax Receipt Provided

Akiing Onji Foundation Inc. is a
Registered Canadian Charity

Registered Charitable Number : 772077137RR0001
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Founded by E.J. Fontaine & Eva Wilson-Fontaine, Akiing Onji, which translates to "From the Land" in the Ojibwe language, is deeply rooted in the revitalization and promotion of Indigenous Languages, History, Arts & Culture.

The organization is guided by ancestral wisdom and principles of Mother Earth, driven by a shared passion. Our mission is to strengthen community bonds, inspire positive contributions for future generations, and establish a nurturing

environment based on love, respect, responsibility, and a profound connection with nature.

The Akiing Onji Foundation, a youthful Indigenous-led charitable organization, is dedicated to preserving

and promoting Indigenous languages, traditions, arts, and cultures. We provide culturally relevant programs,

training, and workshops to Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities to revitalize Indigenous languages

and traditions, raising public awareness and appreciation of Indigenous culture, history, language, and traditions.

The goal is to encourage all, particularly the youth, to actively engage in learning their languages, arts, culture, and history.

Our cultural heritage and teachings are deeply intertwined with the land. As technology use increases,

there is a critical need to reestablish this connection, a cause we champion.

We aim to inspire the Elders in our communities to participate and pass on their invaluable knowledge

to the younger generations, fostering purpose, significance, and community.

By promoting cultural revitalization among the youth, the organization aims to counteract

the negative impacts of discrimination arising from cultural insecurity.

Additionally, by advocating for cultural diversity, tolerance, and the celebration of differences, the foundation

actively supports the shift towards a multicultural society that values and safeguards diversity.

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p) 204-336-0554

f) 204-336-0568

110-200 Alpine Way
Headingley MB, R4H 1C8


Charitable Tax Receipt Provided


Akiing Onji Foundation Inc. is a
Registered Canadian Charity

Registered Charitable Number : 772077137RR0001
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