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Our Corporate Support

The Akiing Onji Foundation expresses sincere appreciation to all our supporters. We are committed to preserving and revitalizing our sacred Indigenous languages and culture as we move forward. Your kindness and generosity are truly appreciated, as our mission relies on your support to succeed.

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We extend our deepest gratitude for The Winnipeg Foundation’s generous financial support of the "Re-igniting Blood Memory and Reclaiming Wholistic Healing for Families" project by Akiing Onji Foundation Inc. This contribution played a pivotal role in realizing our objectives, making a significant impact on the Indigenous community in Winnipeg.


The funds provided by the Winnipeg Foundation were instrumental in supporting the coordination and facilitation of in-person and virtual language and cultural sessions, focusing on building cultural identity, preserving language, and promoting language use. The implementation of land-based programs, the expansion of partnerships with Indigenous organizations, and the enhancement of opportunities for the community were made possible through their generous support.


The project successfully served the Indigenous community in Winnipeg, addressing challenges related to historical traumas, the impact of COVID-19, and the recent discovery of unmarked graves at residential schools. The Winnipeg Foundation’s support allowed us to engage with 27 participants, spanning different age groups, genders, and identities, including Indigenous residential school survivors and intergenerational survivors.

Through the lessons learned during the project, such as the need for enhanced outreach strategies and innovative approaches to engage younger participants online, we have gained valuable insights that will inform future initiatives. The impact story of Mary, a 16-year-old participant, exemplifies the transformative power of cultural revitalization and highlights the success of the project in achieving its goals.


The financial contribution of The Winnipeg Foundation has not only made a lasting impact on individuals like Mary but has also contributed to the broader narrative of preserving Indigenous heritage in Winnipeg.


Once again, thank you, Winnipeg Foundation, for your unwavering support and commitment to fostering cultural preservation and community empowerment.


Sincerely, Akiing Onji Foundation Inc.


Charitable Tax Receipt Provided

Akiing Onji Foundation Inc. is a
Registered Canadian Charity

Registered Charitable Number : 772077137RR0001
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